Modern Iki Project

The goal of this website is to revive iki, deepen its understanding,
 and promote it thorough its use in art and design.

Join us!

(Saga Castle, reconstructed)

Iki chain reaction

If iki is understood better, designers and artists would actively create works inspired by iki. A chain reaction will start.

How to join

There are many ways to join Modern Iki Project.

If you are a designer, writer, photographer, architect, artist who are interested in iki, please let us know.

Let us know if you created works based on the idea of modern iki.

When you tweet, use hashtags such as #iki, #ModernIki, #いき, #モダンいき.

(You need to insert spaces before and after Japanese hashtags. See: 日本語ハッシュタグ)。

Food for thought

 To understand iki, try thinking about the following.

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