Modern Iki Project

The goal of this website is to revive iki, deepen its understanding,
 and promote it thorough its use in art and design.

Modern iki design principles

("iPhone 5 Unboxing, 10-10-12" (CC BY 2.0) by Brett Jordan)

"Good design is unobtrusive"

- from Dieter Rams' ten principles of "good design"


These are principles of applying iki to a modern design.

  1. Iki is international and can apply all over the world (not bound to a particular time, such as the Edo period, or to a particular place, such as Japan).

  2. Iki design shows refined simplicity.

    • Iki design has only essentials.

    • Iki design has few components.

    • Iki design is clean and plain.

  3. Iki design does not decorate for decoration.

    • Iki design does not limit itself to a practical use, but it bears functional beauty.

  4. Iki design is for young and old, and for men and women.

  5. Iki design avoids grandeur and classiness.

  6. Iki design is free, and not bound.